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48Vdc CXPS-E101

Standard 48Vdc Power Systems
  • Product Line: DC Power System
48Vdc CXPS-E101
48Vdc CXPS-E101
Standard 48Vdc Power Systems
  • Integrated 48V power system packages in 100A or 225A configurations
  • Ultra compact, high density design utilizing standard plug-in circuit breakers
  • High efficiency design for reduced operating expenses
  • High temperature rated, fan-cooled design for harsh outdoor installations
  • Wide range AC input and IEC line cords for multiple AC services
  • Cordex High-Performance (HP) rectifiers make a proven, reliable platform even better, with significant advancements in efficiency and performance. Featuring a compact, fan-cooled design, HP rectifiers open the possibility to wider ranges of applications and immediate OPEX/CAPEX savings, reducing total cost of ownership and impact on the environment.

    The CXPS-E101 series is the ideal solution for small to medium 48Vdc applications, with configurations of 100A or 250A capacity. With universal 19/23" mounting, high temperature operation, compact height and 15" depth, it is a perfect solution for a wide variety of installation scenarios including those in harsh, outdoor environments.

    The CXDM-E1 distribution center provides (10) plug-in breaker positions for load distribution, (2) battery breaker positions, integrated shunt and low voltage battery disconnect (LVBD). With the shunt positioned to measure battery current, a higher accuracy of battery float current is achieved while the system is able to report load current by calculation.

    The modular CXCM1 controller includes a web server, providing easy setup via local or remote IP access, using a standard Windows Internet Explorer browser. The CXCM1 also includes LED indicators and an LCD screen for voltage and current display.

    The CXPS-E101 can be easily integrated into customer provided relay racks or enclosures or can be ordered factory-installed into various Alpha relay rack configurations, including systems with pre-wired battery trays.

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