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48Vdc Cordex 650W

48Vdc Modular Rectifier Shelf Systems
48Vdc Cordex 650W
48Vdc Cordex 650W
48Vdc Modular Rectifier Shelf Systems
  • Single shelf modular rectifier solution provides multiple 48V configurations up to 67A for various 48Vdc applications
  • Convection cooled design for high reliability in harsh industrial environments
  • Integrated DC system capability with controller and distribution module options
  • Alpha's Cordex series includes a complete range of modular 650W rectifier shelf systems to meet the needs of worldwide telecommunications applications.

    Cordex 650W modular shelf systems are available to fit various 48Vdc application needs. 19" rear access solutions are available in a five-module (3.2kW) bulk output version as well as a four-module (2.6kW) integrated solution with an AM plug-in breaker distribution module. CXCI integrated controllers are standard with all 650W shelf systems.

    Alpha Cordex 650W rectifier modules feature complete hot-swappability, high efficiency with power factor correction, unique power limiting capability and wide range input. Convection cooling and an ultra compact design also make Cordex CXS shelf systems ideal for the telecommunications industry.

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