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48Vdc Cordex HP 300W

Modular Switched Mode Rectifier
  • Part Number: 0100010
  • Product Line: DC Rectifiers Modules
48Vdc Cordex HP 300W
  • High performance 300W rectifier provides unique combination of size, efficiency and performance
  • 94% Efficiency for increased Op-Ex savings and reduced carbon footprint
  • Compact size yields more space for revenue generating equipment
  • Wide range AC input for worldwide installation requirements
  • Dual front and back DC outputs allow maximum flexibility
  • Wide temperature operating range for installation in harsh outdoor and indoor environments
  • Description

    Cordex High-Performance rectifiers make a proven, reliable platform even better, with significant advancements in efficiency and performance. In a compact, fan-cooled design, HP rectifiers open the possibility to wider ranges of applications and immediate Op-Ex/Cap-Ex savings, reducing total cost of ownership and impact on the environment.

    The Cordex HP 300W is a perfect solution for small 48Vdc industrial and telecom applications such as micro cells, broadband extension, LTE Networks, radio links and remote control and monitoring sites.

    The Cordex HP 300W rectifier was designed and tested to operate in non-controlled environments and offers full power up to 70°C. The rectifier is protected against input under-voltage and support up to 300Vac without damage. It also includes an extensive list of features such as: output overvoltage and overload protections, smart output power limitation, thermal shutdown, hot swap and redundancy.