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41" General Purpose Outdoor Enclosure
  • Product Line: Medium Outdoor Enclosures
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The SE41-2722 Multipurpose Outdoor Enclosure is a versatile cabinet that enables service providers to use the same basic cabinet in a variety of outside plant power applications. The cabinet provides 20RU of internal rack space with adjustable mounting rails that can be configured for either 19” or 23” equipment. Unlike other OSP cabinets, the SE41-2722 is a configured-to-order system that offers a number of customer-selectable power and thermal management options, making it an ideal solution for DAS, small cell and broadband applications.


Features and Benefits


  • Configurable-to-order outdoor enclosure designed for mobile broadband applications
  • 23" mounting rails with adjustable front to back rack angles (23" to 19" adapter plates available as an option)
  • 20RU of available equipment space for power, batteries, accessory panel and customer equipment
  • Rear access gland plate provides greater flexibility to access customer installed equipments
  • Flexible thermal management solutions (including fan, heat exchanger and air conditioning variants) enable convenient matching to load and environmental parameters
  • Various mounting options available: wall, pole, plinth and pad

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    Shelves Options
    • SE41-2722

    Configurable-to-order outdoor enclosure
    designed for mobile and broadband applications
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