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Cordex CXCM4

System Controller
  • Part Number: 018-574-20
  • Product Line: DC System Controllers
  • Related Categories: Controllers
Cordex CXCM4
  • Modular, hot swappable controller for use with 3.1kW, 3.6kW and 4kW rectifier platforms
  • Internet ready and remotely accessible for complete system monitoring and control
  • Integrated SNMP functionality for cost effective multiple site monitoring
  • Advanced battery monitoring and power save features for OPEX savings and reduced carbon footprint
  • Highly configurable platform with user definable alarms and data logging provides maximum flexibility with a common platform
  • Description

    Cordex CXC controllers bring advanced monitoring technology to the Cordex series of rectifiers. The CXCM4 is a modular system controller option for the 4RU 24V-3.1kW, 48V-3.6kW and 48V-4kW rectifier shelf systems.

    The CXCM4 controller includes a PDA-style touch screen GUI for simple and convenient local setup. A built-in web server provides alternate setup via local or remote IP access using a standard Windows Internet Explorer browser.

    The integrated logging feature allows the capture of data from multiple inputs for AC/DC voltages, load/battery current, and cell voltage/temperature. Common applications of the CXCM4 logging include power system details, thermal performance of outdoor enclosures, battery cell specifics, or mains variations captured by an AC voltage watchdog. The CXCM4 I/O feature set can be easily expanded with the addition of CXC smart peripherals such as battery cell monitoring, shunt multiplexing, and alarm relay expansion.

    Cordex CXCM4 modular controllers ensure effortless operation of the Cordex rectifier family. Time consuming, complicated set up and monitoring of DC power systems are now a thing of the past.

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