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System Controller
  • Part Number: 1.8kW/2.0kW/CXDF systems: 7400232, 250W/400W/650W systems: 7400233, List 98 option on 2U rectifier and converter shelves
  • Product Line: DC System Controllers
  • Related Categories: Controllers
Cordex CXCI+
  • Compact controller option for 2RU rectifier and DC/DC converter shelves
  • Modular, hot swappable design for 1.8/2.0kW CXRF and CXDF shelves
  • Internet ready and remotely accessible for complete system monitoring and control
  • Advanced battery monitoring and power save features for Op-Ex savings
  • Advanced battery monitoring and power save features for Op-Ex savings
  • Highly configurable platform with user definable alarms and data logging
  • Description

    Cordex CXC controllers bring advanced monitoring technology to the Cordex series of rectifiers and DC/DC converters.The compact CXCI+ system controller replaces the legacy CXCI as the embedded shelf controller for a variety of 2U rectifier and converter shelves. The CXCI+ is completely forwards and backwards compatible with all applicable Alpha 2U power shelves which traditionally included the CXCI.

    The CXCI+ also now provides 1.8/2.0kW and CXDF shelf systems with a modular, hot-swappable controller design allowing for ease of installation and replacement. The CXCI+ also includes various other improvements over the CXCI including: Real time clock, radiated emissions improvements, increased memory, and various other circuit robustnessimprovements.

    The integrated CXCI+ controller includes a web server, providing easy set up via local or remote IP access using a standard Windows Internet Explorer browser. The CXCI+ also includes LED indicators and an LCD screen for voltage and current display.

    The integrated logging feature, typically only available with an advanced standalone data logging system, allows the capture of data from multiple analog and digital inputs. The CXCI+ I/O feature set can be easily expanded with the addition of CXC Smart Peripherals such as battery cell monitoring, shunt multiplexing, and alarm relay expansion.

    Cordex CXC system controllers ensure effortless operation of the Cordex family. Time consuming, complicated set up and monitoring of DC power systems are now a thing of the past.

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