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How to Use This Tool

Use this calculator to assist you in network planning. For a brief video walkthrough demonstrating how to use a line power calculator, please Click Here.

Alpha Line Powering Calculator

For OSP Applications



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Pair Count Planner

Minimum # of Pairs per Line Power channel:


Max Distance for 0 pairs:


Site Commissioning Requirements

Total # of Line Power channels:


Total # of pairs for remote load:


Upstream Converter Input Power:


Upstream Converter Input Current @48V:


Disclaimer and Notes:

  • This line power calculator is intended for budgetary calculations to aid in network planning
  • Wire gauge calculations are based on resistance of new copper pairs
  • Aged or damaged copper pairs will likely have increased actual resistance
  • Final network calculations should be reviewed and verified by a site engineer
  • Final pair count should be determined upon site installation/commissioning based on actual voltage drop measured at load
  • The use of redundant copper pairs is highly recomended to ensure high reliability
  • Alpha Technologies is not liable for improper line power network designs planned solely via these calculations