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Remote Power Node Solution

The Remote Power Node Solution presented in this video was developed for a communications service provider offering Voice, Internet & Television services to rural communities located in the foothills of O’Neals, California.

The RPN incorporates Line Power equipment, which delivers power to the Optical Network Terminals in a FTTH network over conventional twisted pair OSP cables, eliminating the need for power and battery equipment at each home. Because this neighborhood was located too far to be powered by Line Power equipment in the CO, Alpha developed a cabinet solution that could be placed closer to the customers. Capable of powering up to 200 ONTs, the RPN consists of Alpha’s enclosure, rectifiers, up-converters, distribution panel, and batteries, as well as outside plant components typically found in a cross connect cabinet such as the feeder blocks, distribution blocks & protector panels with gas tube protection modules.

As service providers continue to deploy FTTH, we expect the RPN solution to become a popular choice for power.

Watch the Video. Click Here!

cabinet installation
Application photos of cabinet installation in O’Neals , CA.

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