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At Alpha Technologies Ltd., we're privileged to play a critical role in powering some of the world's most advanced telecommunications networks. We recently completed a project for one major North American carrier, reconfiguring their power systems for an entire Central Office. Join JD Fraser, Applications Engineer at Alpha Technologies as he takes you to the ground-floor of the project and shows you some of the power technology we installed in the CO.

HINT: On a desktop or laptop computer, use your mouse to look around you. On mobile devices, move your phone around to view the video at different angles.

VR ImageAlpha has officially launched it's first Virtual Reality experience entitled "Experience the Core." Using a smartphone and an optional VR headset, viewers can be transported to Alpha's CO demo facility to see first-hand what the power behind the network core looks like. In the demo facility, Alpha's Rahul Baliga guides the viewer through the key new technologies and capabilities that are enabling telcos to power critical network devices from the core to the edge.

You'll see Alpha's latest iQ™ network equipment up close, installed, cable-managed, and running just like in a technologically advanced central office. There has never been a more novel way to Experience the Core. Visit www.alpha.ca/experience-the-core to try it for yourself!

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In collaboration with ISE Magazine, Alpha Technologies has recently published an article covering important factors to consider in the successful deployment of small cells in mobile networks.

Article by Brian McCrea

Outdoor small cells complement the macro cell network by providing pinpoint coverage in urban locales, additional capacity to offload the macro (densification), and economical solutions for rural areas. They are becoming a vital part of the wireless network and an essential component to successful deployment of 5G.

Operators and vendors have overcome many of the startup obstacles such as small cell interference with the macro, mounting versatility, overall unit size, and how and where to connect to backhaul. This progress is helping to set the stage for an industry-wide transition from custom-engineered projects to routine deployments.

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