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APOLAN Hosts Webinar Featuring Alpha's Kevin Borders

 APOLAN LogoAs a proud member of the Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN), Alpha Technologies put forward its own Kevin Borders to participate in an APOLAN webinar in which he discussed the merits of using remote power (a.k.a. line power). You can watch the video by using the link below:

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APOLAN member company subject matter experts covered the following:

Cemil Canturk PhotoCemil Canturk (Senior Marketing Manager with Nokia) will cover powering considerations for the POL system electronics - in particular the ONTs.


Kevin Borders PhotoKevin Borders (Vice President of Marketing with Alpha Technologies) will educate us on the different powering techniques for both local and remote options. 



SScott Fitzgerald Photocott Fitzgerald (Senior Engineer and Manager of Product Management with Optical Cable Corporation) will elaborate how to best design the optical distribution network infrastructure for the most efficient powering results.


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Or use this link:  http://bit.ly/APOLANpower

Alpha Joins APOLAN

April 26, APOLAN Logo2017 - The Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN), a non-profit organization that drives both education and adoption for Passive Optical Local Area Networks (POL) has announced that Alpha Technologies, Ltd. has joined its list of member manufacturers, distributors, integrators, and consultants that are actively involved in the POL marketplace.

You can learn more about this by reading the official APOLAN Press Release at marketwired.com. Read the Press Release »»

Alpha Technologies' CTO Joins INTELEC Executive Committee

Alpha’s Chief Technology Officer, Victor Goncalves, was recently appointed for a 4-year term to the global INTELEC Executive Committee.  This Committee directs the priorities/themes for the annual INTELEC® International Telecommunications Energy Conference. Victor’s appointment reflects his strong reputation within the global Telecom powering sector, particularly for his technical expertise, practical insights and tight ties with the academic community.  

INTELEC is an annual technical conference which, for the past thirty-eight (38) years, has been the premier forum for the science and engineering of energy systems for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). Research and technical papers explore the needs and trends in the subject areas of power conversion, energy storage, high-reliability and mission-critical powering infrastructure. The 2017 INTELEC event is scheduled for the 22-26 October in Australia.  Congratulations Victor on this prestigious appointment and we wish him well for the upcoming conference. See Victor on Linkedin HERE

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